Investment Policy

Formulating an effective investment policy to guide investments takes into consideration the desired return, liquidity and timing expectations, and risk tolerance. Prepared closely with the client, this initial step evaluates all estate holdings, as well as cash flow.

Asset allocation

We study closely the performance of each asset class in order to optimize total return, while minimizing risk. Macroeconomic news and tendencies are monitored constantly as we aim to be proactive – not reactive – to market swings.

Manager Selection

We value technical competence and market experience when identifying the most qualified fund managers to allocate in our clients portfolios. Our due diligence includes a rigorous analysis of quantitative and qualitative information, as well as local and international investment data bases. The decision to allocate in a fund manager requires an unanimous vote by the Investment Committee.



The performance and assets of each portfolio are closely monitored and compared with diverse marketparameters to guarantee that superior returns are reached.

The performance of each investment, coupled with macroeconomic scenario, gives our Investment Team the ability to adjust portfolio risk and to execute tactical movements, in order to best meet each client´s goals.


With precision and clarity, we offer personalized monthly reports so that each client is able to monitor the evolution of his/her financial assets. Portfolio movements are detailed, and investment positions are compared with their respective benchmarks.


Personalized Strategy

Our professionals are especially careful to recognize each investor´s characteristics in order to design performance strategies that foment capital growth and security.


All information related to the client and his/her investments are strictly confidential.